Outdoor AC UPS for coaxial networks

Autonom’s UPS for HFC networks is the most compact and advanced featured UPS designed to provide reliable power for network nodes equipment. It provides up to 1500W uninterrupted output power. Its remote access connectivity allows monitoring of the UPS and provide alerts in case of issues that requires attention. It couples with external thermal managed lithium battery modules providing flexible runtime.


  • Compact UPS, half 19" rack size
  • AC output up to 1500W
  • High efficiency
  • External self managed lithium battery modules for scalable runtime
  • Design with the best power conversion technologies
  • Smart energy management features
  • Compatible with demand-response programs
  • Plug and play installation


  • Save up to 50% space
  • Reduce maintenance costs with fully automated self-testing and reports
  • Reduce energy costs