Rack mount dual AC and DC output UPS

Autonom's rack mount UPS is the most compact and advanced featured UPS designed to provide reliable power for IT applications. It contains AC and DC outputs and an integrated lithium battery in only 2RU. Optional 1RU external battery units can be added to increase runtime. This all in one convenient solution eliminates the need to have multiple backup systems for DC and AC equipment. Its connectivity to Autonom’s cloud platform allows monitoring of the UPS without any assistance and provide automatic alerts in case of issue that requires attention. It can power up to 5kW loads.


  • Compact UPS in 2RU only
  • AC and DC output
  • High efficiency
  • Internal 1800 Wh battery (16 minutes runtime on full load)
  • Scalable runtime with 1RU external batteries
  • Design with the best power conversion technologies
  • Smart energy management features
  • Compatible with demand-response programs
  • Lithium technology


  • Save up to 50% space
  • Remove the needs to have seperate AC and DC UPS
  • Reduce maintenance costs with fully automated self-testing and reports
  • Reduce energy costs