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About Us

Operational Efficiency

We are devoted to maximizing the best cost/performance value of power supplies and services.  We aim to reap the most benefits regardless of time the time we get.



Autonom is built on trust. We strive to create a positive team environment by supporting each other and helping our clients reach their goals.


We love challenges and we don’t shy away from innovative concepts. As a young company, fresh ideas and orientations are our daily bread.


Our products are assembled locally and designed to last as long as possible, with a minimal ecological footprint. We believe that sustainable practices like this will reduce waste and lower the rate of consumption of resources.

The Story Of Autonom

In an ever-changing world, one thing remains the same, and that is the human need for communication and connectivity.

 As we shift towards 5G networks and smart cities, it has become a challenge to provide the massive quantity of power that these telecommunications systems require. This exponential growth of the demand for connectivity is driving the move from macro base station to small cells in our cities and rural areas., providing network coverage and capacity.

To meet the new challenges brought by the paradigm shift, we developed Loop; a plug-n-play power solution tailored for 5G small cells. Loop blends in with the landscape and streamlines mobile operations thanks to a tight integration of hardware-software integration.

The story of Autonom did not however begin with Loop. The unreliability of telecom power has been a concern for Marceau since school days. “It just flt like it was a good problem because once I had homework to upload at university and there was a power outage […] so I plugged in my home router to a battery at home, like a car battery, to upload it from my  home, [and] that’s how it began.”

Autonom’s CEO pursued a masters in Lithium Cells Characterization at Hydro-Quebec. The team’s expertise also includes the battery supply chain. Furthermore, co-founders and polytechnique graduates Hugues and Raphael, perfected their electrical engineering backgroud by taking part in the EV (Electric Vehicle) industry designing electric cars and lithium battery packs for the automotive.

Autonom’s mission to improve the operational efficiency of telecom companies with smart telecom power solutions. This is done through our technology with allows for remote monitoring, precision diagnostics and power outage migration.

At Autonom, we spent years thinking about how telecom networks shall be powered to bring high-speed and high reliability connectivity to mankind in an efficent and sustainable manner.

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